Monday, 25 April 2011


If I were sure, it was last friday night that I had a dream. In that dream, I was being told by someone who I respect that word '...Sombong'. I am not sure what's the other words, but the only word that I remember is that. Then, I woken up that morning.

Since then, I have been thinking, why was I being told that I was conceited. I really have been taken aback about that because I really didn't expect that to happen, even though it's just a dream, sometime, we have to reflect ourselves, who know, there are truths behind it.

I thought that I had been trying to be as low profile as I can be, but thinking of it, being low profile, I mean too low profile actually didn't do any good at all. Remember people said that modesty is the best? If we were too high or low, that does not good. We will start being anti-social and will isolate ourselves from people around us.

Thinking back, reflecting myself, I realized that I was the person who I described above. I never try to take part in anything, I just follow the flow, just accept anything, whether it's good or not, at least I don't get involve. However, I know that's is wrong, I have to sometime take part. Maybe that's explain what's happening around me, but then I shouldn't be to much social, I have to be modest.

The question is, how far is that thing considered as modest? There is no rating to rate that. So, sometime, I mistakenly being too over that I realized a while after that and I began to lowering that rate. Then, I thing that I am too passive that I have to let more. Then, the cycle repeat. It's hard...

However, I think that I am not late yet, it's better to be late than never right? If there were classes withing this week, I will make sure that I make a full use of it, being active and not passive. Still, I will still have that passiveness, I love that, being able to watch how people live, but then people get disturb by it, right? It's like you have been stared for so long that you are paranoid by it.

Well, that's it for today. Just a confession thought, really now answering the reason I realized the meaning of that dream. Well, let's just keep it private in my mnemonic (memory in Greek).

Some of the themes I got from makemestfu.tumblr


That's what we should apply :)

still, I am trying to be like this


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