Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Today, I was given an opportunity by my university Medical Students'Association (MSA) to visit refugees' house of Syrian who ran away due to the country's circumtances. The reason I write here because I don't want to forget the feeling and the view that I receive. However, firstly, let me introduce how all this happen, I signed up in a spreadsheet for the campaign Let's Get The Hope Back. It's between these week. I signed up,  but truthfully, my mind did waver at the last minute, do I really want, I can't speak Arab well, for sure I won't understand, feeling uneasy seems to be with me always since all the time, and then I fought it, I said, I once felt like this but when it happen on someone I was really regretted that I didn't have the chance to do the thing, why was I hesitating at that time. Finally, I stopped that thinking, and just pressed the button send.

I though I was not chosen because when I remembered what I wrote, that I'm feeling low confidence because I am not a native Arabic speaker. However, a part of my feeling actually saying you will go. And it's true.

Dear IFMSAian :
you have been selected to join us in SCORP upcoming campaign " Let's Get The Hope Back ".we will contact you either by phone or by e-mail to inform you about the day that you will participate on, so please keep checking you e-mails for any updates.
Thank you

The email that I got, it made me think, I knew it.

And then, on that day, after gathering at the gate of the Madinah Hasan Stadium, Irbid, Jordan, we departed with a coaster of 20 people to the place located. I met a lot of new friends, those who in the same classes but never knew each other, I've seen them, maybe.

In the coaster we were told how the program will start, I couldn't understand Arabic, my Su'wai understand is till too low, I only understand greets, how are you, and good bye, I am still need to learn. However, one of the friends, Bidurr, she translated the speech for us since they were 4 Malaysian friends of mine. We were divided into 5 group with each of 4 people.

At last, I don't think it took long enough, we arrived at the destination, they were the family of two, whom of 2 sisters with their husbands, brothers, and children. They have been refugees for 20 days and Bidurr said that one of the men was jailed and now he looked sad and depressed. She was right I can see the eye of the man, how he look to the world, he was just staring at the floor and look emotionless. I thought I could see him smile.

The visiting last for around 30 minutes, I don't understand Arab, but just asking the women their names, ages, and they even thought that I was married and how many children I have ( if I translate it right). I love playing with their children, they are still small, and one of the women was pregnant. And if I am not mistaken, there are two Canadians that joined us.

I played with the children, trying to be near them, but I guess the children wanted to be with their mother. They played with Bidurr's gums. And one of them loved the television. She stucked her face on the screen, I worried if it will hurt her eyes (initially I thought she was a boy)

Finally, the program reached its end. We went back, but before that I can finally see the man's smile. Although, it may be faint, but I think that smiling will heal all troubles. I once troubled, but suddenly when I smiled, I thought, I can still smile, why should I trouble actually. I was glad the man smile, because from the beginning he didn't smile at all.

They served us Arabic Coffee, the same taste as always. The real Arabic coffee is like this, thick and full of aroma.

In the coaster on the way back, each of us were asked to voice out our opinion, it's my first time attending this opportunity and I am sorry that I might made a mess but thank you for letting us joined here, yes, the language barrier exist, but smiling, and looking at them is still a communication for me.  I might not help much, but giving this chance to be in this, just being involve was enough for me. I don't feel that I was regretted this time. I think I will be more regretted if I don't send the application.

Just one thing that upset me, I tried to much to communicate that I failed to understand their situation, next time, insya Allah, If I were given an another chance to be in this, I just want to understand their feeling, I don't think they need any support in strength, they have it, and I am sure it is more than us living without those problems. They are stronger and tougher than us actually.

I pray that their strength will be my strength to be a good doctor in the future insya Allah. Thank you.

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