Thursday, 21 June 2012


Right now, I am watching Saikou no Jinsei Owarikatta. Yamashita Tomohisa is the one of the actor here.

Watching here, watching, figuring out who will be the one to die, make me reliaze how death can happen anytime. Old, young, during busy, sleeping, anytime it can happen.

Losing someone means they have completed their tasks in this world, and us who is still breathing, our aim has not yet completed. We still have to strive to collect as much as deeds as we can.

However, I think we still can help them. Us who live here, still able to perform solah, charity, reading Al-Quran, should help the dead. But can we? Or do we do it?

It's feel weird writing this, because I am writing of uncertainty. Something hard to define. Something that out of the logical thinking. I am going to stop now. 

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