Friday, 12 October 2012


have you ever have the moment where you feel you didn't live long anymore?
you feel like it's impossible for you live till you are old seeing yourselves aging with white hair, seeing child growing up being a parent like yourselves
yes, right you don't know if you can live long, but it's like having a condition that surely won't let you live long
i felt it
there's one time, i feel like i was not going to live long, i was crying hard, i couldn't tell anyone, especially when we are waiting for something exciting tomorrow.
i couldn't help it, i cried and cried, being scared that i won't be achieving what i want to achieve
i feel like i shouldn't do this anymore, i should concentrate on this
it was like i don't think i am good enough yet
that's when i remembered
Islam taught us to do good deeds as if we won't be here tomorrow, it's because, what if we don't know that we have no time but still leisurely using the time aimlessly.
it's like that, you know...

p/s i met japanese women today. but it seems my arabic is over japanese. i couldn't find the word and each time i speak, i am surely to include arabic :p

welcome Zehie :) dozo yoroshiku ^^

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