Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Tasawwur Islam

Alhamdulillah, till today I am grateful that I have granted a chance to study Arabic Language
And though I will be learning it informally, I accept it, this is the way that is the best for me, Insya Allah
And lately, I had thought on a topic of one of the subject that I took in SPM, Tasawwur Islam.
At that time, I don't know what does the Tasawwur mean. And I wonder, did I make an effort to ask my teacher about it? I don't think so
But as I learn Arabic, I finally realize the meaning,
Tasawwur is from the word Shuwar or Shurah, which mean picture,
and Putting a Ta will make it like a working tense, like present continuous tense
So, Tasawwur is like you are picturing Islam
And that's why Tasawwur Islam is open to everyone, so that everyone know about Islam, and for us, it's like refreshing our thought on Islam
Eventhough some of the knowledge that I learn may be forgotten, there must be at least something that will change yourselves at that time
I know because I did
Or maybe I not
It's all depend on out intention at that time.

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