Sunday, 17 March 2013

Wake Up


I was meeting with friends just now. We talked a lot of stuff. From the Islamic talks to Life Talks to Serious Talks up to Leisure talks. And I don't think each of them were insignificant, especially the leisure talk, I mean the leisure talks could be one of the way to getting know of our friends.

It saddens me that listening to any of the information just made me realized, what have we become. I don't know if I should blame it for others for letting this happen, because if I blamed others things just the same, we blamed others, they blamed us, and the problems just will keep on happening.

I remembered one Islamic comics, it about how the Musafir(people who on journey) see a lot of people in needs, in trouble and he questions Allah SWT, why were that happening, who could help them. He thought about somebody to help them but he forgotten that HE was the one that Allah SWT sent to help them. DO correct me if I made a mistake in this.

Islamic meeting or in other word Happy Circle (aka Usrah or Liqa which mean family where we all gather and solely devote the time related to Islam) sometime helps me to realize that I don't live for myself, living so that I can live better, but we have to live to help others.

I want to change the people, I want to help to make this a better world, insya Allah. 

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