Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Studying - Tips

I had my exam last Sunday, alhamdulillah I was able to cover some of the lot of mistakes that I made during the exam before it.

I failed one subject once. For the first time throughout my university life, for a while I feel like everything is not the way it seems to be. I see people happier than me, and I feel that the failure will follow me throughout the journey. Of course it will follow me throughout the journey, because that failure was the one that teach me what is the value of studying.

I realized now how quality is superior to quantity. Even if you revise the books so much but in speed on top of that you just couldn't concentrate carefully on each topic, it's meaningless. You have to focus to the topic. Spend at least more time on a topic especially when you are reading it for the first time. Don't postpone saying later I will read it again to understand it, do it now, because things  will just repeat later on.

Everyone has their own way of studying. To know your method of studying, I am sure you at least once obtain high score in a subject, tell me, how do you study at the time? I have friends and we all study differently but we all succeed it together. We still walk together and respect. Allah SWT made us different for us to learn and respect ;)

I think I end my post here insya Allah. I have exam tomorrow :)

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