Monday, 24 March 2014


I think my ability to write lengthy post getting bad and that's making my ability to speak or create my own opinion getting worse, though I thought that I getting better, at least for now but I couldn't deny that I feel lacking. Sometime, I thought to myself whether I have Dementia or not. I know that's too extreme even the youngest age that I know to get this is around 40. So let's pray that I still have the ability to think properly is still there hang in there don't go away I need you!
So,  I think one of the way to avoid that is by writing and by writing is anything whether you write your own story, your own opinion, or you are imagining thing. so I thought of making story. And actually I wish I could shout to people that I can speak out loud more in writing than using my voice. Using voice is difficult to me. However, I know there are people who wish they could speak.
I think there are things that we thought it might be something that normal to them but to some people they are not. They have to work hard for it. And I know how that feel, but I am grateful for being able to realize it now. You know, I have things that I want and it's been 5 months. I have been doing everything that I can to have that, but do you know what make it come? Doa. People thought that there are things you don not have to wish for and still they can have it. However, I really have to put an effort for that. And actually what's delay it, actually it an just came but somehow Allah wanted me to pray to Him. I remember the events around that time, I woke up suddenly twice in the midnight. I performed prayer. And I asked Him for that, and amazingly I have it. Alhamdulillahirabbilalamin. I think what people said that do Tahajjud surely you will find the difference. Seriously, the first time I did it I feel quite calm and the next time I did it again I'm calmer and alhamdulillah I got what I want. So imagine for other people who do it regularly? It must be amazing.
That's why I thing that prayer or doa should be your strength. Sometime things come in unexpected ways.
I have to be consistent in writing this actually. I like writing actually.
Insya Allah I will make it an effort ( i wonder this is how many times i said the exact things over and over again)
Well, take care peeps!

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