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You can skip this, this is my intro ^_^
Actually it's been a long time since I last wished good luck to someone who will be taking SPM/PMR/UPSR results, maybe since I was the youngest grandchildren in the family, I don't know how it felt to wish the best for someone. I don't know what make me realize about this, just after around 5 turns of SPM cycles now I realized SPM is an important.
I pray good luck and the best for those younger generation ahead me :) SPM is the beginning of the reality. The reality is huge. I couldn't describe it, it's more than happiness, sadness, experience and all other mixed feeling that I could ever describe. It's not as bad as you think but at the same time it's not as good as you think. It's a mixture ( i bet you be reminded of your chemistry). However, it's a colourful mixture way than you can imagine, here you will learn to see everything in your own point of view. You are no longer a child or youngster who only limited to school activities and people around you. It's more and who know insya Allah it might as well reach to the whole world.
So, after SPM, you will be faced many interviews all around and it's not only for the SPM leavers also for those who will have to face tons (over exaggerated) or maybe few of interviews. So, actually I am a timid person and I don't like interviews. Shiroyo! (for those who know Korean, not sure if it correct or not).  However, once in a while you just have to break through that barrier. So, I'm going to write some tips ( i hope to write at least 100++ but I know it's impossible) but I hope I can up-to-date from time to time and for whoever wants to give opinion, I will accept them with a smile :) Just comment below.

1-be prepared! ok, it's cliche of course you have to be prepared to everything even in SPM you have to prepare right? So don't take for granted for any interview offers. It might just come once in your lifetime and who know that's your destiny.

2-prepare on your speech, social speech or everything. For someone like me, I rarely talk but I know in an interview, a conversation is an important part and that's what determine whether they will impress by you or not. Most of the interview will be held in English or might as well in Malaysian but be prepared in English. When I was 18 years old I know my English was not that good and it's more to local tone. Just brush up a lil bit. You can search on youtube, English British or English American. Try the best as you can to speak like them. Don't mad at me because even in Jordan, the people here they don't speak English with their Arabic tone, most of them will speak with American tone. Since English is their origin, might as well we respect them and use the language like the way they are. Read articles aloud. I would recommend Suhaibwebb because most of the articles in English and apart from brushing up your English you will be able to gain knowledge :) Insya Allah

3-mentally calm please. don't panic~ why would you be panic? would you like to equalize that panic meeting your crush ( a long time already i don't have that feeling haha, my standards increase proportionally to the age?) with that interview?? unless you meet your crush there. be calm , recites anything, to me i like to istighfar since I think I am not a good person and i think that what make me panic what if they can see me as not an competent/qualify person. you know since you have you black days too.

4-don't emotionally thinking it all time around. so you have prepared for it, allocate time for it. don't spend the whole gap before you interview. don't overdo it. sometime, just let what come come ( what kind of English is this??) maybe around 1-2 hour a day? or none at all :p

5-be honest. most people like me will prepared their own speech or text before going in. but actually speaking naturally, about what's your opinion at that time with honesty. don't use difficult words or bombastics words to impress, they won't. and usually they will ask about somwthing unrelated or unexpected ( i mean can you ever expect correctly what will they ask) and for example i was asked about my name, what my name mean, why, what etc. why would they dissect my my name??? I don't research about my name and at last I have to answer simply y=just what I think at that time and I think that's what help me ^-^

6-ask those with experience. you know that idiom, makan garam. it is true we have to ask those who had faced these interviews before since they know how it will look like and so they can advice you with something within our ability. during my time i ask my mother father or even stranger how to act in an interview. though i dont think i applied to everything but listening to them giving you advice a lil bit help you to expect during the real interview.

7-nothing else could work without asking for His permission. It's important to pray to  Allah SWT to help you because no matter how perfect you were, if you don't rely with Allah, you won't be able to pass it calmly. You know, it's different feeling when you are doing it while relying to Allah and opposite where the former would make you feel calmer and when the result is out and you're not listed you can accept the fate where later would left you devastated. There's one time where I don't prepare much for my exam because I know I would pass it anyway unfortunately I was just one mark behind to failed (which I barely passed) and I realized that I was arrogant at that time I don't even seek to Him since I don't know why I was 100% sure that I would pass around 60-70% which was wrong. From that moment, I always try to always remember Him in everything I do, without Him, I think I'm weak. Well, we are, but relying with Allah make me stronger.

8-be yourselves. don't try to act like someone else. just be yourselves in the interview. try to find what's your unique/special abilities that could attract the attention of the interviewers on you. like if you are multilingual, used this to show to them that you are capable of speaking multilingualism. For example like France, German, don't lie if you don't, find the other ability, I'm sure each one of us have their own abilities. ask your parent or someone near you if you hardly know any because usually these kind of people is humble he he.

9-have confidence! peeps, i know, i'm not someone who has very high esteem, in fact, i hate showing that i have self esteem unless i need too. like during my interview seriously i force myself be positive, don't show you were scared and try to voice out your opinion with confidence. and later after the interview, i just back being me who is very scare of anything. haha. that's why i wrote myself as someone who has multi personality change according to surrounding :P

10-give the best of you and pass it out! i always thought that just overdo everything that's only once in a lifetime. whether you get embarrassed or humiliated just face it since it's not like it will effect you in anyway (sure I am writing right now with that feeling at the moment that sometime i just shouted with my face on the pillow so that the voice wouldn't be obvious that much) besides, whenever we have something embarrassing happen we do something to relieve it right? like when something like that happen to me i just go for a walk alone, go to the mall, buying weird things and sometime I just don't study, i take my time off because it's hard. or watch something funny which is I will watch Korean talk show Hello Counselor, seriously it lifted some of the burden.

Insya Allah I will write more :)

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