Saturday, 12 May 2012



I think being scientist is an amazing job,

You got the chance to learn the mechanisms/processes/anything nature in scientific way,

And apart from that, you can refer yourself to Al-Quran,

Al-Quran and Science is like one thing together,

Al-Quran not merely covered the histories of our prophets, lessons to be learnt,

But also in science.

Then We made the sperm-drop into a clinging clot, and We made the clot into a lump [of flesh], and We made [from] the lump, bones, and We covered the bones with flesh; then We developed him into another creation. So blessed is Allah , the best of creators.

Surah Al-Mukminun :14

It's an hour long but it's worth while to watch :)

Know Dr Keith Moore? It's him.

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