Monday, 14 May 2012

Tajdid Niat ( Renewing Our Intention)


During happy circle (usrah, a gathering between Muslims friends in order to be closer to Him), we always started with renewing our intentions, our intentions of being exist here, our intentions following the path that we choose, and the intentions of what we are becoming in the future... In that way, we can refresh our mind and be more focus in our path.

And in facebook, I read about this,

Never perform an act of worship just to get it done and over with but perform it as an act to 

bring oneself closer to Allah...

-Sheikh Saleh bin awad al Maghamsi

In between of Solah's time, we can either pray early or at the end, but of course performing solah at the early time is better. However, sometime, we performed it at the late of the time, and in addition, it's just to complete our responsibility as a muslim. It's better to solah that not, they thought.

Unfortunately, there are better ways, it's better to perform Solah with intention of getting closer to Him that just completing the responsibility, right?

And the same when we are studying. Most of us studying for the exams, but isn't it better to renew our intention of learning in order to be closer to Him?

I am grateful (Alhamdulillah) I have been given chance to study about human being. However, always, daiman, daiman, I study for the exams especially when it's just around the corner. At last, I will be very mad, angry, stress, why there's exam, why, why.

Studying for the exam without intention of getting close to Him seem to be more difficult.

I pray that from now on, whenever  I want to study, I want to study to be closed to Him. Not being farther from him( by getting stress, having to study for everything) Astaghfirullah...

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Roze An

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