Saturday, 19 May 2012


Assalamualaikum :)

It seems that eventhough there's two papers left before the final over, and the next exam is after tomorrow, I watched 3 episodes of Japanese dramas per day. Cool, isn't it? No, it's not cool that I mean, I mean like, I dare to do that. :p, forgive me, but I watched medical related dramas, like Intrasexual (IS) whom actresses Fukuda Saki and Gouriki Ayame ( I noticed she is getting popular and well known lately, well she is the same age of me, and.... I like her short hair!), and also Bull Doctor ( about forensic ), 14 sai no Haha ( about a girl who is pregnant at 14 years old)

Sometimes, I think 14 sai no Haha is related to Bull Doctor. First, because the actress, Shida Mirai, is there and she is a first year medical student (she's grown, I thought she will always be 14 years old girl to me >.<) where in the last episode ( it's my second time watching it, just reached episode3), she said she wanted to be a doctor. I guess I can think that way... Then, her child will be... 6 years old?

Just, one Japanese drama that is not related to any medical science, Mop Girl, about a girl who can flipped time and redo things. Oh, oh, not to forget, H2, about baseball team. And again, I watch dramas that featured the same person at the same time, I could get confuse :)

And lastly, noticed that the titile is Syukr. Showing gratitude to what we have, Alhamdulillah, which mean All praises to Him. So... how to be grateful? Recite Alhamdulillah a lot, if you said you have don't enough, ask yourself, it is more that 1000x? If not that's not enough, actually it never be enough.

However, either way, you can always count what you have now, not what you don't have ( Try search song Shiawase no Monosashi aka Around 40's theme song). Or you can just think, they have gone through what we haven't yet or about to get through, so they are qualified to have things we don't.

Hard to understand, sah?

footnote- oh oh, it's five paragraphs! i can send this to my English sir, Sir Abd Rahman Hasan,  My 8th grade English Sir :), happy Teacher's Day to my SMK Shahbandaraya :) I appreciate the school. Five years studying there help me to learn a lot of things apart from syllabus. Thank you, thank you, and thank you... I can't thank enough, I want to go there again, seeing the school that change and will keep on changing. Please :)

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