Tuesday, 22 May 2012



Just another days before the finale of the second semester and it's been 8 months staying away far from home. I miss it...

if I am not mistaken, it has been since I watched 1 Litre of Tears that I began to cry when watching dramas involving family theme. No matter with whom. father, mother, or the siblings, the relationship shown between them especially by Japanese dramas never seem to disappoint me.

And in my opinion, I think Japanese dramas have the most dramas that are worth to see, or maybe I am not to broad view person, I tend to choose dramas that i wanted to watch and priority is on Japanese more than the other.

I dream of going there, seeing the real Japanese, not by seeing them through dramas, animes, internets, aka virtually.

In Sya Allah, I believe I will have the chance. If not, I can still accept it, we are still live in the same Sekai, sah?

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