Monday, 5 August 2013

A Jar Filled With Pebbles

Assalamualaikum wbt,
How are you? I pray that all of us are in His protection. It's the 27th Ramadhan's night. And the weather today quite calm. The wind blew, the cloud seems to be blanketing the sun rays from getting on land. I can feel the warm and it's not so hot, and it's not so cold.  And it's said that tonight is better than 1000 months. (Surah Al-Kafiruun), even if we may couldn't have chance to do i'tikaf, at least, let's us do a little deeds so that it would get count insya Allah :D

Yes, it's been long since I write here. First because I think some people that knew me know the existence of this blog so I get a little bit of shy. Still, I still remember one of my senior said that if you don't decide to change yourselves before you are reaching 21, then what you are now is what you are for the lifetime. It may not be true but ask ourselves, is this the best of us that we can create? I am sure we can be better, insya Allah...

So, it's been bugging my head lately that I want to write something inspired from Korean drama entitled Flower Boy Next Door where Yoon Shi Yoon ( I like him :D) said that he thought that 2 people being together means that they complete each other like 50% of him/her and adding the other half would make 100%, but it's actually no, it's like each of us have weakness, that holes that could never be filled up bu ourselves, but by someone else, they can occupy the emptyness, making us a better person. I'm not sure the real message but that's how I think.

These 2 people doesn't mean married people, couples, it can be friends ( more than 2 of course ) or even a stranger that all of the sudden help you. It's like, we are here for others and there are others for us :D we help each other .

Well, I guess I end this here. It's random, so not much words voice out :p

"Have a nice day"

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