Saturday, 14 December 2013

sanah rabi'ah

assalamualaikum, ehna thalibat sanah rabi'ah, mum kin nas'alik soal?

that's mostly whats a fourth medical students would have to say everyday. thats what we called dawam (work)

if compare to my pre-clinical years, i assure that this is more anticipating

if compare to the difficulty, then this would be harder

sometime seeing the real patients make you thinking, am i able to be a good doctor

continuous thinking lead me to the thought that that's why medical is something teamwork related. you can't figure out everything by yourself. there's always part where you don't know things that other people know and vice versa. thats when we have to ask other people for opinions :)


i thought to write about my clinical life but then it went to my prospects of medical issues.

things are going to get harder, but that doesn't mean you have to stop moving forward. don't be afraid, i am afraid too but if i am afraid how would i become a doctor, haha, right i am babbling

p/s- it's snowing for about 4,5 times :) it's beautiful. and then i shouldn't be happy for the snow. let's pray that this snow will bring warmth to the refugees nearby that are just sheltered by the tents. i don't think the warmth of snow is something illogical, i know He could do it :)

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