Sunday, 15 December 2013


Recently, A mental test was very viral in facebook, most of my friends were updating about their results on the net. I myself tried the test, and guess what age did I got, 50.
Yes, I have a mind if 50 years old person. I wonder is it mean that my mind is so old like 50 years old person, that maybe sometime forgetful, i have it, sometime, just like to be conservative preserve, i have it, or someone just wants to relax, spending their life over a routine, i have it all! Or does it mean that I am someone who was wise enough to think, think for good of all, or someone who has experience enough to foresee things in the future.
I think mine was former one. Relating to my everyday life, i am forgetful,and everything else described above.
And whats more, it's the age of my parents and their friends relative. I admit that I spent a lot of time with them. I guess I got that influence there.
Well, thats it, it is athan Isha right, i want to take ablution.
Have a nice day, peeps!

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