Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Am Jadid

Assalamualaikum, Bismillahirahmanirrahim
For a start of new year, maybe i should write a post on the eve tonight.
Today, it seems like I faced something that reminiscing me of my past. It was deja vu. Seeing what i had through in other side of people, different people, I mean way different, it was like I was someone distant and they were too, but a same thing were happen to us.
They way they look, the way they said, they way they did, it was the same of what had happen to me.
I do not know who were worse or better. Furthermore, these kind of things were not something that can be measured. 
However, i can assure you, sometimes, problem solved without even we solve it. Why? I is because we need each other, and we cannot just ignore someone in our life. It made our heart break right? Maybe they do not even need us but we need them and maybe it just Allah that help to soften our hearts to just continue to accept them.
Im sure, yes, im sure time will heal everything. Sometimes, we just forget about the bads that happen to us. And then you questioned yourself, why the heck that i did that thing? However, think aback, if that thing were not to happen, things might happen differently.
The song by Idina menzel titled Let It Go suits for us.mfor everyone. Because it was about us.
P.S im sure myself would not remember why I wrote this when I read it back. Do not worry. 

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