Thursday, 2 January 2014


Today is the first January of 2014 so may all your year in goodness or in Arabic kullu 3am wa entum bi kheir insya Allah.
So definitely I have to write about the Disney's film Frozen. I rarely watch films but when I did, I surely like it a lot and definitely love it so much.
Frozen has a lot of messages in this film. Attention! Spoilers ahead!
Family. I knew it when they said that only true love with heal her I knew it that it would be the bond between the sisters and not from the man. Sometimes, family is more important than someone who has no own any ties especially someone you just know. However the family is someone you have been and always will be someone who know you and nothing can ever break them
Bad traits. Sometime, the bad traits were not bad actually. It's us human that classify things to good and bad. Seriously, I never thought that having a magic, sometimes, something that you don't even ask for we called it a gift. There maybe reasons for us to have anything just look it from the bright side.
Let It Go. Sometimes, things are better to let it go. We just couldn't hide our real self from people, why do we have to hide. To prevent people talking about you, they just will speak about you whoever you are. So might as well you be someone who you want to be. Whether it is something they will be shock or not, you want to be comfortable to yourself.
P.S what i write is just my opinion, it is not definite. Anything is subjective which mean each of us can have our own opinions and we do not have to choose answer that already provided. It may change according to time according to your experience, and the way you see it, from what perspective you see it.
I want to sing Let it go by Idina Menzel bit my voice is not that great, it is out of tone always haha

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